Our new website

We are very excited to launch our new website. Our board has made the decision to move our website onto MSP-Media’s community sailing platform which is so much more than just a website. These are just a few of the new community building features our new web publishing platform brings to our club:

  1. Social style news feed: post, share, comment, and like posts right here on our website. Quicklink to share all posts on social media. Now that is easy!
  2. Communication app: expect communication this upcoming season to be clear and concise. We now have an sms communication platform that will allow us to send quick updates to each group within the club or to the whole club. So easy. Expect to get texts with links back to the website where you can read, comment, and ask about all the details.
  3. Regatta Support: registration, results, entries, and gear can all be easily published right here on our website.
  4. Events: we can post all our events easily and see them on a calendar view thats easy to print and stick on the fridge.
  5. Registrations and Membership Applications: the platform makes registration and membership dues automated for the board.

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